fo(u)r M

Free Software

I am a member of the FSF since October 2020.

As a programmer, I know that the only way to learn to code is in writing and reading code. To study the code of a program, this code has to be freely available.

As a programmer, I know how hard it is to find bugs. As everyone is making mistakes, so the code needs to be checked. The more people are searching for bugs, the more bugs will be found. To make it possible for everyone to help in the fight against the bugs, the code of the programs has to be freely available.

As a user, I know that trusting in software that is provided by a company and is not checked by an independent party is hard, as you do not know what your computer is actually doing. A program, that is freely available can be checked by anyone, so it is possible to find out what it is actually doing.

That's why I stand up for free software and therefore, I joined the Free Software Foundation. Please donate or become a member if you want to, to support a movement that focuses on privacy, security and freedom for everyone.